I love artistic expression. I love viewing other people’s work, and creating my own. As a child, creativity was valued and encouraged by my family. I was exposed to the works of influential artists through books, music, and trips to the museum. I was taught to appreciate creative works of lesser know artists by attending local art shows and art walks.

Growing up drawing, photography, and other forms of creativity were therapeutic and satisfying for me. The work gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride, and i enjoyed the positive attention i received. Today, I enjoy observing humanity. using my instincts and intuition, I look for clues about people—what makes them tick and what drives them to act the way they do. I use the information I gather to create images that show the viewer what I see. I enjoy surprising the viewer, and influencing them to see subjects in ways they hadn’t considered. I prefer the honesty of reality as I see it rather than fantasy or abstract styles. I love good design; I appreciate balanced composition, strong use of light, color, line, and texture. I strive to use these design principals in my work.

I feel driven to create. I love the power of being able to control what I portray, and enjoy the opportunity to influence people in some way through my work. I feel more alive and satisfied when I‘m working on a creative project. I thrive off of the tension that occurs between the concept, implementation, and the final work. With the technology available today, there seems to be no limit on finding new ways to communicate creatively. It’s a great time in history to be an artistic person. 

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